City and county 2013 elections tomorrow

I've updated my long post on the 2013 City of Minneapolis and Hennepin County elections with a few more recent notes on the candidates. I haven't changed any of my first choices, but did update some 2nd and 3rd choices.

Remember that this is a ranked-choice ballot - we'll have an "instant runoff" based on our lower choices as our first choices don't make the cut. With the number of candidates running, the second and third choices are definitely going to matter. If you're not familiar with it, MPR has a great video explaining how ranked-choice voting works.

The very short version is that tomorrow I'll be ranking these candidates:

I'd also recommend:

If for some reason you're reading this and you're not from Minneapolis, but are instead from New Orleans, please vote for my friend Mark Vicknair for Magistrate Judge. He's a good man, and he'll be a thorough and fair judge.

Happy Election Day everyone!

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