Lists of old things and of others' things

My things, old and current

Others' things




  • Ashley Morris, my late friend Ashley's blog, run for a while by his wife Hana, and now mostly silent except for the occasional comment spam.
  • Gambit, the Gambit Weekly Online.
  • LaPolitics, john Maginnis is gone, but his site lives on.
  • Louisiana subreddit, usually a good roundup.
  • New Orleans Advocate, the new daily paper in New Orleans. They've picked up alot of the great writers and staff from the Times-Picayune when the Pic's new out-of-town owners decided to gut that paper because they thought that would go as profitably as it had elsewhere.
  • NOLA Defender, serious news, irreverent presentation.
  • The Lens, investigative journalism,
  • The New Orleans Food Cooperative. I ran their website for a year or two when they ran a buying club. Now, years later, they've opened a their own store in the Bywater..
  • Times-Picayune, the New Orleans Times-Picayune online. They used to be a great daily newspaper, and then a new owner decided to go cheap and glossy.
  • Uptown Messenger, neighborhood news.


  • Budd Hirons, my brother-in-law, tweeting.
  • Fascination Place, michael Rawdon, from the undergraduate CS program. We keep in occasional email contact but haven't been in the same place at the same time in about 20 years.
  • I Drew This, photographs and writing from an old Australian friend. He hasn't updated it regularly for several years, but it was all still there the last time I looked.
  • Longfellow Fellow, our neighbor tweeting.
  • Martin Odersky on Twitter, my advisor tweets, mostly about Scala.
  • Tom Marble, an interesting tech-friend and onetime-colleague here in Minneapolis.
  • Wadler's Blog, Phil Wadler on science, policy and sometimes his research.
  • Towards Independence, a second blog by Phil Wadler in favor of an independent Scotland.


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