Adieu sushiref

Almost twenty-two years ago, I started a website called The Worldwide Sushi Restaurant Reference. It was a list of every sushi restaurant I could find, and reviews from the net news group There weren't too many sushi restaurants then, and it was one of the first guides of its kind online. Running it was great! It was a joy to find and share new places, and to be in touch with so many people who'd send listings and reviews.

Time passed, and things changed. I got busier, and didn't have time to keep the site up as well as it needed. The sushi world got really busy! Sushi places used to be few and far between outside of the biggest cities, but then one day it was as if they were everywhere. It's been a long time since I could really keep up.

I tried running it as a sushi blog instead of as a restaurant guide, but it turns out my heart wasn't there. So I'm leting it go. It's that season now: we're packing the house and closing things down here, looking forward to the new job and new house and new experiences in La Crosse. Sushiref isn't the only old treasure that doesn't fit, not the only comfort we'll shed. There's not much I can claim to have kept up for twenty-two years, but it's time to say goodbye.

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