Ribs glaze

Made ribs last week, and based the glaze on a web search.

I started with this one. We didn't have plum sauce, so I used tamarind paste instead; didn't have light molasses, so used brown sugar instead; didn't have Worcestershire sauce (or more likely, we do have some somewhere and I just couldn't find it), so I used extra soy sauce, and for all of the soy it was Pearl Rive Bridge dark soy; and used fermented chili-bean paste instead of sambal oelek. I also had a good bit of sauce left over from braising the ribs the day before, and so added that to the bourbon and reduced it down to the quarter-cup.

It turned out well. The glaze itself had a mild flavor, but browned nicely. Used the leftovers on a pork roulade a few days later, and it was good there too.

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